Philadelphia Creatives-At Work- @NoseGo

I got the chance to shoot NoseGo while he was revamping his mural on 5th & Bainbridge. He added some new flavor to the piece with his new arsenal of characters. His style of work has a very West Coast kind of vibe in the painterly aspect, super bright colors and (often times) very cute characters. On his work he says,

I’m actually highly inspired by many West Coast works, but I’ve found my style after going through traditional training and then later merging it with a more contemporary style. There are many artist I find inspirational, to name a few Sean G, Scotty Albrecht, Ishknits, Royce Bannon, Chris RWK, and Hilary White.

There’s a nice bit of joy and whimsy in the piece, and I think it reflects his personality quite well. He’s one of the sweetest people that I’ve ever met. To his fellow creatives he says,

Stay true to yourself, and never try to be what you think is expected of you.┬áIf you want to do something, visualize it, plan it, and follow through. If things don’t go according to plan just learn from your mistakes, and try again.