Ultimo Coffee shop’s new location in Philly. 22nd & Catherine. Beautiful space.

Ultimo Coffee shop’s new location in Philly. 22nd & Catherine. Beautiful space.

Sunday coffee

Sunday coffee

AIGA Philadelphia Space in Old City.

Holiday Textile Stocking Workshop

at Art in the Age

I am a huge holiday season DIYer, one year I made a paper wreath with origami figures, I cut and folded everything, it took forever and I vowed never to do it again BUT there is something wonderful about creating your own holiday decorations.

This event was like an unofficial follow-up to the First Friday Fabric of Philadelphia event. The patterns we screened printed onto the stockings were vintage ones featuring holiday imagery from the Philadelphia Design Center’s archive. Sarah Moore of the Design Center and Dan Abraham of Art in the Age were on hand to help and teach people people how to screen print, there were also two lovely ladies sewing our stockings together.

It had been a while since I’d screen printed anything so I relished the opportunity to get my hands dirty. Screen printing on paper, dealing with registrations and layers of color can be a maddening, but an incredibly rewarding process. However screen printing on fabric for this event wasn’t about perfection, it was just fun to be able to create something with paint! Unless you’re an art student, the last time you created something with paint was in probably in your middle school days.


Design Consumption Vol 7: Percy Street BBQ

It’s no secret that our city has lot to offer in terms of dining, hell even New York based publications like GQ and Details are coming down to visit us and praising our food scene. A lot of the current and upcoming restaurants feature concepts we’re familiar with, so that’s why having an authentic Texas-style BBQ joint in our midst is even more special. Before it opened last year on South St. the crew (Mike Solomonov, Steve Cook and chef Erin O’Shea along with the management staff and family) traveled to the Lone Star state in order to taste authentic Texas-style bbq and get a sense of the feel and atmosphere of bbq joints. They sampled some of the best the region had to offer and brought back what they learned to Philadelphia.

Design Consumption Vol 5: Elixr Coffee

In the heart of Center City, stands a coffee shop inspired by Indonesia and Seattle. Evan Inatome opened Elixr earlier in the year and already it’s a neighborhood favorite and national success, receiving attention from The New York Times along with beloved coffee shops like Shot Tower, Spruce St. Espresso, Bodhi and Ultimo. Even though it seemed like last fall and winter there was a new coffee shop opening up every month, Elixr brought something new to the game. Here you can learn how to enjoy coffee extracted from brewing methods we haven’t really been exposed to in Philly until now; it’s a unique experience even for this foodie town.

One of my favorite pieces that I’ve written so far. I learned a lot about coffee while interviewing Evan, he inspired me to continue my research into specialty coffee and expand my palette. My usual is a cappuccino or macchiato but there’s a world of hand poured coffee that is amazing!